Cherished for another 1000 years. Miyajima

A treasure of the world that continues
to live in the Seto Inland Sea.
Connecting the nature and culture
of Miyajima to the future.

Cherished for another 1000 years.

Since ancient times, Miyajima has been revered as the home of gods,
Itsukushima Shrine was founded 1400 years ago.

Before long, the activities of the people who protected the island began and
the cycle of miracles in which gods, nature, and people live together has been repeated.

We hope that future visitors will become guardians
of the island just like the residents. That is Miyajima's wish.

Innumerable lives in the virgin forest.
The ebb and flow of the tide brought about by the heartbeat of the moon and the sea.

A shrine on the sea where craftmen’s knowledge and skills dwell.
The scent of culture passed down over time.

In order to connect all of Miyajima, which is noble, beautiful, and precious, to the future.
Why don't we start doing what we can do now with pride?

An island that enshrines the gods, we will cherish it for another thousand years.

If those thoughts come together,
we will be able to deliver the world's treasure, Miyajima, to the future.



See here for information on activities to pass on the nature and
culture of Miyajima to the future.