Cherished for another 1000 years. Miyajima

To tourists visiting Miyajima

Working together for a sustainable Miyajima.

MIYAJIMA VISITOR TAX Starting October 1, 202

The Miyajima Visitor Tax is used to develop a sustainable tourism community.

As a global treasure that will live on in the Seto Inland Sea, Miyajima aims to be a sustainable tourism community where "you can live and you can visit."

The entire island has been designated as the Setonaikai National Park and was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in 1996.

It has also been certified by four Ministers in accordance with the Ecotourism Promotion Act and been registered as a zero carbon park of the Ministry of the Environment.

In order to pass on to the future the precious nature and culture of this island that has been preserved by everyone with some connection to Miyajima, we have created the Miyajima Visitor Tax, which we will use to maintain the environment, encourage cultural understanding, promote ecotourism, and more.

Example Uses of the Miyajima Visitor Tax

Maintaining an environment for welcoming visitors

Maintaining tourism information desks and restrooms, managing the Mt. Misen Observatory and mountain climbing trails, etc.

Promoting an understanding of the culture and history

Preserving cultural assets and historical architecture, managing the History and Folklore Museum, etc.

Tourism with reduced impact on the natural environment

Promoting ecotourism, installing water servers, etc.

The Miyajima Visitor Tax is a local tax imposed by Hatsukaichi City.

Rate (Amount) of the Miyajima Visitor Tax

You can also select a tax rate of “¥500 per person annually.”

* To pay at the annual rate, please carry out the procedure at the Hatsukaichi City Hall, Miyajima Branch Office, or Ono Branch Office service window.
You can also carry out the procedure from the Hatsukaichi City official LINE account. You will be issued a certificate.

Who Pays the Miyajima Visitor Tax

Individuals visiting Miyajima (entering the area) by boat must pay this tax. However, the following individuals are exempt.

Individuals exempt from the Miyajima Visitor Tax

  • Preschool children (children who have not yet entered elementary school)

How to Pay the Miyajima Visitor Tax

When boarding a ferry (boat) that goes to Miyajima, please pay the tax to the boat company together with your boarding fee.

When paying at a ticket machine or service window

The Miyajima Visitor Tax is collected as a fee included in the boarding ticket you purchase before boarding.

When paying at an automatic ticket gate (with a transportation IC card)

Automatic ticket gates for JR West Miyajima Ferry and Miyajima Matsudai Kisen Tourist Ship automatically charge the Miyajima Visitor Tax with the boarding fee.

When you purchased a discount ticket from a travel agency or special event ticket from a transportation company in advance

Please show the discount ticket or special event ticket you purchased in advance at the service window of the boat company and then pay the Miyajima Visitor Tax separately.
* However, some special event tickets include the Miyajima Visitor Tax. Please check before making a purchase.

* “Discount ticket” refers to a boarding ticket (coupon, voucher, etc.) issued by a travel agency, and “special event ticket” refers to the same issued by a transportation company.

* When imposed at ¥100 per person per visit, the Miyajima Visitor Tax is, in principle, collected from passengers by boat companies operating passenger boats and then paid at once to Hatsukaichi City at a later date. Please pay the tax to the boat company according to how you pay the boarding fee.